The new TopSystem – more aerodynamic, stable, easily operated and secure

Sortimo International GmbH, the market leader for van racking systems, presents its new TopSystem at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Trade Fair in Hanover. As of now, thanks to the relaunch of the TopSystem, ladders and long materials can be even more securely transported, as now the proven ProSafe load securing system from Sortimo is also integrated into the cross members. The new TopSystem can be assembled onto the vehicle quicker and more conveniently, using less parts and a simpler operating system. And it stays there – crash tests have proven that the TopSystem has a higher degree of safety than the industry standard specifies.

The tradesman can actually use the vehicle roof more cleverly, professionally and as a more secure storage space for his ladders and long materials with the revised roof racking system from Sortimo. Learn more about the several technical innovations that have occurred in the TopSystem relaunch, which have made the operation easier and more ergonomic. And the load is also stowed away more quickly and securely.

The basic framework of the roof rack is made of anodised aluminium; the connecting elements are made of weather-proof stainless steel or are covered with a suitable outdoor coating, which means the TopSystem is guaranteed a longer service life. At the same time the design is lightweight, sturdy and aerodynamic, in order to minimise wind noise during transit. Further positive effects: the vehicle consumes less fuel and therefore emits less CO2.

The payload is fastened onto the TopSystem with the Sortimo ProSafe lashing elements, which guarantee a quick, intuitive and professional securing of the goods to be conveyed. The Sortimo ProSafe System is incorporated into the entire length of the cross profiles, in which – at every position and without any additional accessories – the ProSafe-straps can be hooked in. In addition the cross members are equipped with rubber inserts and prevent objects from moving around. And the vehicle is also protected. The loading roller ensures that large freight can be lifted effortlessly onto the vehicle without damaging the vehicle edges.

In the relaunch, the TopSystem was also retrofitted with a side ladder lift, which can lift a heavy ladder of up to 30 kg onto the vehicle roof effortlessly, by means of a hydraulic prop assisted lift. This is suitable for the convenient transport of ladders and makes loading onto and off the vehicle roof easier and now also possible from the side. The side ladder lift is mounted onto the cross members and fits exactly to the size of the TopSystem. The proven rear operation ladder lifts are still available in the basic lengths 2.5 and 3 meters. These are – thanks to the assisted hydraulic prop– designed for the transport of heavy ladders of up to 51 kg. The Sortimo ladder lifts are not only practical but also take care of the health of the tradesman during the workday.

There are a multitude of practical accessories available complementary to the TopSystem. The aluminium transport tube with a double-sided lockable cover enables, for example, not only the stowage of long material but also enables access from both sides. Side supports and load stoppers enable individual subdivision of the roof rack surface and can be adapted to the size of diverse payloads. Further accessories can be attached to the side rail of the TopSystem, such as ladder locking devices or diverse warning devices in the form of a halogen beacon.

The TopSystem is available in three different versions – basic, standard, and premium – each for small, medium and large vans. The different versions can be retrofitted at any time and can be adapted to meet the requirements of the tradesman. The modular construction of the system makes this possible. The roof rack can be extended flexibly and is more multi-functionally applicable thanks to the newly developed accessories. The TopSystem can be assembled by the tradesman himself, in approximately half an hour depending on the configuration, due to the clear method of construction. The vehicle does not have to be converted by specialists and has therefore no downtime. Most importantly: absolutely no drilling of the vehicle roof is necessary. When changing the vehicle, the roof racking system can be therefore adapted to the new vehicle with minimum effort.

All Sortimo van racking systems are crash tested: the new TopSystem naturally as well. In the process it dealt with a force of 20 G and lies therefore well over the industrial standard.

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