Areas of application

The Sortimo product range can be used in a variety of ways depending on the customer requirements. In order to facilitate the search for the suitable Sortimo product, you may find the most diverse areas of applications in combination with the Sortimo product range here.


Boxes and cases can be safely secured inside the van racking system which also can be taken with you to the site of operation. This keeps everything in order and enables mobility which leaves a good impression on your customers.

The Boxes and cases can be integrated into the standard van racking system: Globelyst or simpleco for small transporters. So as an

  • electrician
  • carpenter
  • plumber
  • heating and air conditioning fitter
  • cooling and air conditioning service technician

and any other fitters you will always be best prepared and can help your customers even faster.


Sortimo prevents this with the racking systems Globelyst as well as the proven case clamping device. By means of co-operation from Sortimo with many leading producers in the area of electrical tools, power tools from for example Bosch and Förch can be stored in L-BOXXes, which are fully capable of being integrated in all Sortimo equipment.

Sortimo offers an adjustable MultiSlide in the Globelyst equipment for all machine cases of other brands as well. In addition, a case fixation can be installed. This secures machine cases in every height and width.


Sortimo offers floor and wall cladding with load safety elements for these bulky goods, like lashing track, restraint pole and straps or safety net. The restraint poles can be fixed horizontally or vertically on the previously installed lashing track.

These can of course also be integrated in the van racking system Globelyst and even simpleco for small vans. In addition to this equipment, Sortimo offers the express shelf, in which the shelves can be folded in and out as desired as well as adjusted to different angles.


The plastic casing of the aluminium restraint pole protects the cargo against transport damage. All further aids of our Sortimo load safety programme protects also.

In order to safely position the lashing rail you require a floor and wall cladding. For the securing of small parts, you may of course additionally integrate the shelf system Globelyst in your vehicle.


Plumbers, heating and air conditioning fitters, cooling and air conditioning service technicians and fitters can go about their daily work without any worries.

In case of escaping gas, our ventilation system additionally provides for the necessary fresh air in order to prevent an explosive gas-air mixture.


All our equipment, from simpleco to Globelyst is suitable for the transport of tools. You can store these in all boxes and cases, which are available in different sizes. Our L-BOXX-family is particularly practical for mobile operation, also directly at the customer.

The tools cases are made of metal and are thus extremely robust. You can divide them as necessary with different inserts. All cases and boxes are compatible with our equipment and can be transported safely and without any difficulty.


Sortimo has developed two different types of solutions, to perfectly fulfill the requirements of work on the road: the Autoassistant and the Automanager.

We recommend the autoassistant for the transport of orders, plans, files as well as snacks in the passenger cabin. The autoassistant is your third hand while driving and provides order and storage space for everything you need in the passenger cabin.

The automanager is ideal for field service. The rotating and movable table top facilitates convenient working with the laptop from the driver’s seat. Connections for the power supply of the notebook and printer are integrated.


Painters, carpenters, solar technicians and plumbers, can put everything that doesn’t fit inside the transporter, easily onto the roof and secure it.

The long components tray is a stable and easily accessible solution for sensitive long components, which have to be transported in the vehicle. It can be planned for the van racking system Globelyst. Long components trays are ideal for the transport of pipes, flat materials, cable channels and floor rails.